Welcome to Adirondack Airways

Who We Are:

A collection of simulator pilots using FSEconomy to add to our flight experience. FSEconomy simulates a virtual economy, keeping track of aircraft, Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), various expenses, etc.

FSEconomy solves a problem for most of us: Where to fly and what to fly, adding structure to the flight simulator.

Most of our activities focus on the Upstate New York and New England areas. Thanks to the beautiful scenery and ever-changing weather, it is a wonderful area to fly in. VATSIM also provides great ATC service via Boston Virtual ARTCC and New York Virtual ARTCC.

Currently, we have rented gates at Schenectady, NY (KSCH), pointed to Boston, MA (KBOS). New England Flight Support (another FSE group) has gates pointed from Boston (KBOS) to LaGuardia (KLGA), and from LaGuardia (KLGA) to Albany, NY (KALB), which allows our larger aircraft to keep filled, moving in and out of the larger cities in the area. Our FBOs in the Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, and the Hudson Valley point their gates to Schenectady (KSCH). We also have a few seaplane bases in the Adirondack Mountains proper, feeding to Edinburg, NY (1F2). There is plenty of variety for destinations.

We have recently branched out to a field in Washington State (5WA5), when the weather in the Northeast keeps us grounded or we need a change in scenery. A few of our aircraft have made it up to Alaska as well, just in case Washington State is not enough to keep us entertained.

Maps: (Log into the FSE Server first)
Aircraft Map

The Adirondack Airways Slack Channel: By invite only; send a PM via the FSEconomy forums to TheLuckyOne17 for access.